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  Today With Intention

I have been involved in the training and development of advanced professionals for almost ten years.  Eventually, I realized that no portion of the educational system sufficiently teaches the soft skills that so commonly define competency versus excellence, that close doors or open them.  

My philosophy is simple: when we become better people, we become better professionals.  While we sometimes imagine there’s a different version of our self when we step into work, the reality is that there’s tremendous overlap with our personal self.  If we don’t view our relationships with others positively in our personal life, how could we do so in our professional life?  

This blog will describe some of the most commonly identified challenges of the modern professional and how to meet them.  I’ll focus on the things we can control, the issues we can change.  My hope is that these topics will resonate with the reader’s own goals for their professional development.  

The content of this blog will offer both the new and experienced professional an opportunity to engage ideas that will let them be better today than they were yesterday;  an opportunity to approach Today with Intention.








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